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Tour Dates:

Open: 21:00 / Start: 21:30 / Tickets: $350(+Drink) *after 23:30 $150 (+Drink)
Address: No. 1, Section 1, Roosevelt Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan 100
Info: Revolver +886 (0) 2 2341 7375 /

Open/Start: 14:00~Till Midnight
Tickets: 2 | 2-DAY2-Day Early Bird NT$950 ` On sale: 2/27 12:00pm
2-Day Early Advance NT$1,150 (̚S:2/27-3/31)2-Day Advance NT$1,300 (̚S:4/1-13)
2-day Door NT$1500 / 1 | SINGLE DAY1-Day Early Advance NT$775 (̚SԁF3/7 -3/31)
1-Day Advance NT$850 (̚SԁF4/1-13)1-day Door NT$1000
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Info: Urban Nomad Music Festival

DJ Txako | Clownia Festival 2017


DJ TXAKO (official website):

DJ TXAKO (biography):
(Rock Latino, Mestizo, Patchanka, Balkan, Cumbia, World Music, Ska, Reggae, Rebel Beat Sounds)
Txako is the first female DJ of mestizo music in Japan and member of the legendary DJ`s collective Caribbean Dandy. In addition she work for Japonicus, Japan`s latin rock and rebel music promoter and has worked and been on tour around the world with multiple artists such as The Beat, Rico Rodriguez, Manu Chao, Fermin Muguruza, Nathen Maxwell of Flogging Molly, DJ Scratchy and many others. After a long period performing in Tokyo`s underground scene, in 2007 she toured Japan supporting reggae legends Rico Rodriguez and Roy Ellis (Symarip). In 2008 she made her overseas debut touring Spain and Basque Country among local artists such as Inoren Ero Ni (ex Bap) and Berri Txarrak. In 2009 she returned to the Basque Country as support DJ of Japanese punk band gTurtle Islandh and did gigs with local bands such as Esne Beltza, Ze Esatek, Des-Kontrol and Txapelpunk. In July of the same year DJ Txako made her debut at Japan`s largest outdoor festival gFuji Rockh, closing a wonderful season performing for the first time in United States, with the cumbia and vallenato band discovered by Joe Strummer gVery Be Carefulh and Japanese DJ`s collective gCaribbean Dandyh. In 2010 she made her French debut and also was invited by Jason Mayall, son of the famed blues musician John Mayall and brother of Gaz Mayall (The Trojans) to be part of the collective Cumbias, Cumbias, Cumbias and perform again at Fuji Rock Festival. In October of the same year she was invited to open the legendary Manu Chao`s show in Tokyo and performed with him again in Nagoya "Fight For Rights" event. Also toured with La Ruda Salska, Nathen Maxwell of Flogging Molly, Banda Bassotti, DJ Scratchy (tour DJ of The Clash), Rude Hi-Fi, Obrint Pas, Che Sudaka, Sergent Garcia and many more artists during their respective Japanese tours. In 2011 she has toured North Japan in benefit of the Tsunami`s catastrophe. Also performed for the third consecutive year at Fuji Rock Festival. In 2012 DJ Txako did Fuji Rock Festival again and was invited to tour with Mimi Maura, alternative band of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs saxophonist, and the legendary DJ Scratchy (tour DJ of The Clash and Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros). In the summer of the same year Txako returned to Europe to do a series of shows in France, Spain and the Basque Country once again. The tour culminates with a presentation as headliner at Rototom Sunsplash Festival with gCaribbean Dandyh. Txako closes a brilliant season returning with Caribbean Dandy to United States to tour again with cumbia & vallenato`s band Very Be Careful. In 2013 she did most of the best Japanese outdoor festivals, including her debut at gAsagiri Jam Festivalh and repeating gFuji Rock Festivalh. The season includes performances in Europe as headliner in Italy at Ariano Folk Festival and Rototom Sunsplash Festival in Spain. In 2014 spring, DJ Txako launched her debut cd in Japan "Cafe Bohemia`Drip on All Gypsies" which reaches the top of Tokyo`s Tower Records World Music chart. The album was promoted with presentations on most of Japanese outdoor festivals, including her six consecutive presentation at Fuji Rock Festival. In 2015 DJ Txako has visited Puerto Rico for the first time where she did a series of gigs among artists such Orquesta El Macabeo, Mimi Maura and Rokman (Los Fabulosos Cadillacs).In the summer of the same year Txako returned to Europe to do a series of shows in Spain, Basque Country and Catalonia. The tour culminates with a presentation at Clownia Festival. Txako closes a brilliant season returning in the autumm to Catalonia to do gigs with Basque legend, Fermin Muguruza and Chilean cumbia band Chico Trujillo. The tour included a big show closing the Esperanzah World Music Festival with Manu Chao, Amparo Sanchez and La Troba Kung-Fu. In 2016 she was invited once again to tour Puerto Rico and toured with Orquesta El Macabeo, Bio Ritmo and Rokman. Txako also did a series of big festivals in Europe and Japan such as Fuji Rock Festival (Japan), Clownia Festival (Spain), Ramdom Music Festival (Spain), Barrakuda Festival (Catalonia), etc. The season continued with her debut in Vietnam where she did a series of shows with Basque rock legend Fermin Muguruza. 2017 world tour has started with a presentation at world`s largest latin rock festival Vive Latino (Mexico), followed of Urban Nomad Opening Freakout Festival (Taiwan), Clownia Festival (Catalonia), Stepping Stone Festival (Korea), Ramdom Music Festival (Spain) and Fuji Rock Festival (Japan). DJ Txako has worked and toured with international artists such as: Rico Rodriguez, The Beat, DJ Scratchy, Fermin Muguruza, Manu Chao, Roy Ellis, Nathen Maxwell of Flogging Molly, Banda Bassotti, Mimi Maura, La Ruda Salska, Sergent Garcia, Obrint Pas, Che Sudaka, Very Be Careful, Boikot, Sagarroi, Esne Beltza, Txarango, La Gossa Sorda, Turtle Island, La Pegatina, Caribbean Dandy and many others. In her wake, Txako left many fans hungry for more and influenced artist and DJ`s throughout Europe and Japan. DJ Txako continue touring around the world. In the meantime, kick up the volumen, stand back and get ready for the full frontal assault known as ...DJ Txako!!

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